Introducing a new category in Men's Haircare

Created specifically for professional barbers and their discerning clientele, mr muk is a sculpted collection of authentic grooming products that blend craftmanship with performance.

Clean modern formulations. Concentrated designer fragrances. Contemporary monochromatic packaging. Sleek shelf appeal. mr muk’s bold yet polished presence will enhance a man’s personal style without sacrificing his masculinity.

Proudly designed in Australia, only the finest ingredients have been used to craft the mr muk collection. Our products are cruelty free and PETA approved.

mr muk has been created specifically for barbering professionals. Clients will purchase their mr muk from the barber they trust.

Available in best selling 100g and Mini 50g sizes

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  • Mr muk is not a clichéd, try-hard, old school barber brand.
  • Mr muk = modern men’s grooming
  • Style – Aesthetic – individuality

100% recyclable packaging with natural fibre protective bags for each individual product.

Signature Prada Homme inspired fragrance.

mr muk. Grooming performance for men’s hair that exceeds expectations.

Specifically created for barbering professionals.

Retail prices

The mr muk concept is to encourage your customers to come back to you to buy their hair products. We encourage you to make the maximum profit margin by selling at the recommended retail price.

Online sales

We understand that some customers promote and sell their products online. Remember you make the most money when your customer buys in person, at your shop.

We want your customers to come back to you to buy their mr muk!


  • Q: Can I pick and choose which products to take?

    A: To become a mr muk stockist you have to purchase the starter pack. Please call 02476 661906 for the Professional Barber Exclusive price. It will surprise you!

  • Q: How much money can I make?

    A: Margins are excellent. The retail value of the introductory pack is £475.00!

  • Q: Can I swap products that do not sell?

    A: To be a mr muk stockist means stocking the whole range. There are only small quantities supplied in the starter deal and we will not exchange items. A mr muk retail customer should be able to purchase any item from any mr muk stockist.

  • Q: Does this replace the existing range of pastes and clays?

    A: mr muk is a new product range and not a re-brand. We are committed to the ongoing supply of the highly successful original range.

If you have any other questions or comments please pick up the phone! 024 7666 1906 - we’d love to hear from you!

Promote your business and sales of mr muk utilising the excellent point of sale materials below:
  • mr muk perspex counter display
  • mr muk traditional barber apro
  • mr muk branded coasters (10)
  • mr muk branded retail bags (10)
  • mr muk window sticker
  • mr muk mirror decals (4)
  • mr muk customer price board
  • mr muk promotion show card
  • Set of 2 A3 Gents Grooming Posters
  • A2 Double Sided Window Poster

Talk to your local representative to explore how we can support your promotion of mr muk in your business.

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