Vivid Muk Direct Colour- NEW

04 Apr 2019

Introducing Vivid Muk Direct Dye

Superior Direct Yye Colour for Extarordinary Colourists.

An infinite colour palette of completely intermixable and customisable shades offering limitless possibilities.

12 Vibrant Colours Choices:

  1. Daisy Yellow
  2. Apple Green
  3. Sea Blue
  4. Emerald green
  5. Pastel Pink
  6. Hot Pink
  7. Blaze Orange
  8. Fire Red
  9. Fuschia pink
  10. Slate Grey
  11. Royal Blue
  12. Deep Purple
  13. Midnight Black

Free from ammonia, paraben, MEA and PPD. Vegan & PETA Approved Cruelty Free.

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